How to create global structure in transaction SE11?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a global structure in the transaction SE11.

Step 1. To create a global structure go to transaction SE11 (ABAP Dictionary Maintenance). Put se11in the command field and hit Enter:


Step 2. Choose Data type radio button:


Step 3. Fill data type name field i.e. with “ZMM_ST_MATERIALS“. Remember that object name has to start with “Z” or “Y“. It’s also a common practice to use “ST” naming convention that represents “STructure“:


Step 4. Click on Create button:


Step 5. From popup choose Structure:


Step 6. Confirm your choice using Continue button:


Step 7. Fill Short Description with something suitable i.e. “Material Master Structure“:


Step 8. Fill Component and Component Type columns. In this example, our structure will have two fields “MATNR” of type “MATNR” and “MAKTX” of type “MAKTX“:


Step 9. We need to define Enhancement Category. Choose Extras | Enhancement Category… from the top menu:


Step 10. Confirm by clicking on Continue button:


Step 11. Choose Enhancement Category i.e. “Cannot Be Enhanced“:


Step 12. Confirm your choice by clicking on Copy button:


Step 13. Click on Activate button to active your object:


Step 14. You will be asked to choose Package. You can either save it as a local object by clicking on Local Object button:


Step 15. Or choose a suitable package name i.e. “ZTEST“. If you don’t have a package yet create one, just follow THIS tutorial:


Step 16. Click on Save button to confirm your choice:


Step 17. Choose a transport request where you want to save your work:


Step 18. Confirm by clicking on Continue button:


Now you have a global structure that you may use in any ABAP report or class.

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