How to create your own variant in SAP

In this step by step SAP tutorial, you will learn how to create your own variant in SAP. Varian is saved the configuration of the SAP selection screen of a specific program. The variants are a standard SAP function and can be used in many places in the system, however, the example below shows how to create a variant in the transaction se16n.

Step 1. Go to transaction SE16 (General Table Display). Put se16in the command field and hit Enter:

Step 2. Click on Save button. Current settings such as table name and record limit will be saved in variant:

Step 3. In popup window put variant name i.e. “myvariant“:

Step 4. Click on Continue button:

Step 5. Your variant is saved. To load it in future choose Goto|Variants|Get from top menu:

Step 6. Put a variant name that you want to retrieve in Variant field:

Step 7. Click on Continue button:

All parameters stored in variant will be automatically set.

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