How to find transport with specific customizing in SE03?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to find a transport request with a specific change in customizing using transaction SE03 (Transport Organizer Tool). Let say you want to check where the following company was added to customizing table:


Step 1. To find customizing (or any other object) in transport request go to transaction SE03 (Transport Organizer Tool). Put se03in the command field and hit Enter:


Step 2. In Transport Organizer Tools click on Find Objects in Requests/Task:


Step 3. Put “vdat” in object type field and “v_t880” in object name field:


Step 4. Click on Checkbox to active View Maintenance search:


Step 5. Click on Execute button:


Step 6. You will see a full list of request that meets the search criteria. Double click on a task in Task Overview section to check the content of task:


Step 7. You will see View Maintenance V_T880 in Object Name column. To check exact content double-click on object name:


Step 8. In Table Keys column you can see exact keys values:

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