How to create ABAP Function Group in SAP using transaction SE37?

In this tutorial you will learn how to create Function Group in ABAP. In short, function groups are containers for Function Modules.


  • Access to any SAP system based on either SAP Netweaver or ABAP Platform
  • SAPGUI installed on your local PC
  • Authorization to access SE37
  • Developer key for system based on Netweaver

Step 1. Go to transaction SE37 – ABAP Function Modules. Put SE37in the command field and hit Enter:

Step 2. From top menu choose Goto->Function Groups->Create Group:

Step 3. In Create Function Group popup fill Function Group name, for example “Z_FG_ARITHMETIC” and Short text for example “My arithmetic function group“:

Step 4. Click Save button:

Step 5. We need to choose place where to store new artefact. It can be either into transport request or as local object. For purpose of this tutorial we will choose Local Object option:

Step 6. We need activate function group. From top menu choose Goto->Function Groups->Display Group:

Step 7. In Function group field put name of function group that you want to activate:

Step 8. Click on Master Program button:

Step 9. Click on Activate button:

Congratulations! You have just created your first function group.

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