How to create Transport of Copies in SE10?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create transport of copies in transaction SE10 (Transport Organizer). Transport of copies is a special type of transport request that dies on the target system. This means you can move objects only to one system without putting them in the entire transport queue. This will help you reduce the number of transports and potential dependency problems on the production system.


Step 1. To create transport of copies go to transaction SE10 (Transport Organizer). Put se10in the command field and hit Enter:


Step 2. On Transport Organizer initial screen click on Create Request button. You can also use the top menu Request/Task | Create:


Step 3. In Create Request popup you need to choose Transport of copies option:


Step 4. Write transport description in Short Description field:


Step 5. Click on Save button to create a new transport request:


Step 6. Now you will see the new transport of copies in requests tree. Click on transport number:


Step 7. To include objects in transport of copies click on Include Object button:


Step 8. In popup window choose Object List from Request if you want to move all object from specific transport request. You can write request number manually or click on Search Help button:


Step 9. On the next popup window, you will see a few selections criteria. You can find specific request by name, owner, date or request status. Choose whatever you need. In this example, we use Owner field and Request/Task name. Click on Confirm button:


Step 10. This generates a list of transport that meet the search criteria. Double click on request number to choose:


Step 11. Hit Confirm button to confirm:


Step 12. An reference to original workbench transport will be added. You can check that by double-clicking on request number:


Step 13. In Objects tab you will see reference to transport you chose in previous steps:

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